Lift up your voice!

“This is the day the lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Joy should never be dependent upon our circumstances. Like the weather, the conditions of our lives rise and fall like the waves in stormy seas and as mischievous as the breath of springtime, our emotions bluster and fall with each passing moment. The hearts of God’s children should never place their joy stand on such uncertain foundations.

There is one source that is constant, one that is strong enough, bold enough, to give endless, driving, glorious power to our joy! The rock of our salvation cannot falter, no matter the weight of our sin. His promises cannot and will never fail!

Let our hearts be lifted up to the One who is never changing, who, since the first of all things, has been and will forever be. The One who sent His one and only child to die not just for those who believed in Him, but for every one of His masterfully-crafted children.

In us is the very likeness of God; His holy and perfect breath fills our lungs and our hearts strive to mimic the ever-beating fire that pounds in His chest. His Love knows no bounds and his mercy roars over us like a scorching wind, cleansing us of our sin and blasting away the darkness of this world.

No, our joy is a life-giving fire that shall not be quenched! Stand to your feet in praise! Lift your voice in endless worship to the one true God of mankind! Let your hope in the Lord Jesus Christ be a violent eruption that disintegrates the chains that weigh upon the shoulders of our striving brethren. Rise up! Stand tall! Be the brilliant and humble light to those who remain lost in the shadows of this world, held sway beneath the quagmire of lies and deceptions spewed forth by the ruler of this world.

Swing wide the gate to the narrow path! Set forth the light of heaven for all to see as we, the reflections of our Lord, spread out completely across this world! Let our rhythmed steps march us down the narrow path as we guide our family toward home!

Rejoice and let your voice ring out for all to hear! Let our servant hearts reach out a hand to all and offer them not condemnation, but conviction and the never-ending, never-failing, full and constant Love of GOD!!!



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